This blog

I'm not too sure what direction I'll take this at the moment, as it's something I've just decided to dive into after putting it off for so long (have been wanting to start a blog since back in 2014 and it's not until 2016 I've decided to just go for it). But it will most likely feature stuff along the lines of programming, business, or general musings.

Hopefully there'll be something of interest to you.

Who am I?

My name is Stefan. And I'm just a strange and somewhat idealistic individual with a deep passion for programming (main areas of interest being game development, graphics, optimization, reverse engineering, and languages) and business (in-particular entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship, organizational structure and management, economics, and trading).

If you are interested in my back story for how I got into programming you can check that out here: How I got into programming

Curious to see how this blog works?

The code behind this blog can be found here: